«Внеклассное мероприятие на тему: «Времена года» Класс: 7Учитель: Гостюнин В.И.Праздник «Времена года» - внеклассное игровое мероприятие для ...»

Внеклассное мероприятие на тему: «Времена года»

Класс: 7Учитель: Гостюнин В.И.Праздник «Времена года» - внеклассное игровое мероприятие для учащихся 7го класса. Игровая форма наиболее полно помогает в решение общеобразовательных и воспитательных задач и вместе с тем экономична, не громоздка, отвечает интересом детского коллектива.Цели и задачи:Расширить знания по теме «Времена года», активизировать навыки устной речи. Для проведения праздника взяты стихи о временах года, короткие рассказы, отрывок из сказки «12 месяцев».Ход праздникаI. Вступительное слово учителя.Teacher. Good afternoon, dear friends! Today we are going to speak about the seasons of the year. There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. What is your favorite seasons. II. Сообщения учащихся.The 1 Pupil. My favorite season is autumn. It’s a beautiful season. The leaves in the trees are red, yellow, brown and green. It is warm September. I can go for a walk. On the 1st of September I am glad to see my friends at school after a long summer holiday. In autumn there are a lot of vegetables and fruit. I like pears, grapes and watermelons. They are tasty.The 2 Pupil. I don’t like autumn. It’s a dull season. I don’t like when it rains. In October it is cold and it often rains, and we can’t go for a walk. The days are shorter than in summer and the sky is grey. I like summer. Summer is a bright season. The trees are green. It’s hot and I can swim in the river. I can play outdoors all day long.

And I don’t go to school. We have the longest holidays in summer.The 3 Pupil. And my favorite season is winter. Winter is a beautiful. The trees are winter with the snow. There is a lot of snow in the streets and in the park. My friends and I can play snowballs, we can make a snowman. I have a good time in winter.The 4 Pupil. I don’t like winter. It’s so cold in winter. It often snows. The sky is grey. You can’t go to the forest to gather berries and mushrooms. You can’t swim in the river. The days are short and the nights are long. I like spring. Spring is a beautiful season. The sun often shines, the sky is blue, the birds sing songs. In May the trees and grass are bright green. There are many beautiful flowers in May. We can go for a walk and we can play a lot outdoors. Teacher. Well, children, I think all seasons are good and beautiful. Everything is a in its good season.Now, let’s sing a very beautiful song about all season.SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN AND WINTER(song)Spring, summer, autumn and winter.(4 times)What’s the weather like today?Is it sunny?What’s the weather like today?Is it rainy?What’s the weather like today?It’s quite funny.How it’s changing.What’s the weather like today?Is it snowing?What’s the weather like today?Is it clearing?What’s the weather like today?Is it going to beReally very nice indeed?Shining sun,And sparkling sea,Warm and dry, with just a breezeAmong the trees…breeze…Spring, summer, autumn and winter.(4 times)Yesterday the wind was blowing.Is today going to be fine?Spring, summer, autumn and winter.(4 times)

Teacher. Today we are having a very funny competition. Four teams are taking part in it. They represent different seasons. Seasons, you are welcome!The 1 team is “Winter”December. Chill December brings the sleet,Blazing fire and Christmas treat.January. January brings the snowMake our feet and fingers glow.February. February brings the rain,Thaws the frozen like again.The 2 team is “Spring”March. March brings breezes loud and shrill,Stirs the dancing daffodil.

April. April brings the primrose sweet,Scatters daisies at our feet.May. May brings flocks of pretty lambsSkipping by their fleecy dams.The 3 team is “Summer”June. June brings tulips, lilies, roses,Full the children’s hand with posies.July. Hot July brings cooling showers,Apricots and pretty flowers.August. August brings the sheaves of corn,Then the harvest home is borne.The 4 team is “Autumn”September. Warm September brings the fruit,Sportsmen then begin to shoot.October. October brings the pheasant,Then to gather nuts is pleasant.November. Dull November brings the blast,Then the leaves are whirling fast.Teacher. Now I see that you know all the seasons of the year. And now let’s compete.When we speak about seasons we always speak about weather. You can see different symbols of different kids of weather. You have to write the correct word under each symbol.Sunny, raining, thunder, cloudy, snowy. Write the correct word under each symbol.1.____________ 2._____________ 3._____________4._____________ 5.______________Rhymes.The wind is blowing! The wind brings us new weather and helps plants and trees scatter seeds. The leaves below have been scattered by the wind, too. To find out which leaf belongs to which tree the words that rhyme and draw a line to connect them.rain - train fog - hogcloud - proud snow - growsun - funTeacher. We have spoken a lot about different seasons of a year. I am sure that you like fairy-tales very much?In what fairy-tales can we meet all the months?Yes, you are right. This fairy-tales is called “Twelve months”. Our participants have prepared one scene from this fairy-tales.Инсценирование сказки.scene from the fairy-tales“Twelve months”Заснеженный лес. В глубине сцены – поляна; на поляне горит костер. Падчерица подходит к лесу, кутаясь в рваный платок.Stepdaughter. Well! It is an edge of the forest. It is so dark here. I cannot see my face. (Оглядывается.) Oh! I see a light flickering some way off amid the trees.Падчерица вбегает на поляну.Около костра стоят 12 месяцев.December. Who are you? What brought you here? Stepdaughter. I have to pick a full basket of snowdrops.Все оглядываются.January. Snowdrops in January? Is it a joke, girl?Stepdaughter. My stepmother sent me here for snowdrops and for bade me to return without them.February. What are you going to do?Stepdaughter. I will stay in the forest and wait till the month of April comes. I would rather freeze here than return without them.(Садится и плачет.)Месяцы шепчутся.April. Brother January! Let me take your place for a single hour.January. Gladly would I grant, brother, but April cannot come before the month of February and March.February. Let him take my place, I don’t mind. We all know the girl. We meet her at the ice-hole with her pails or in the forest with her bundle of firewood.July. And we, summer month, know her, too. She is a good girl.September. Autumn month like her kind heart.March. We must help her.January. So be it! (Стучит посохом 3 раза)Frost, o Frost, cold master of the ice, Pray melt the frozen heart.Now, it is your turn, brother February.Январь передает посох Февралю.February. Wind, tempest, storm and gale,Blow with all your might.Blizzard, furies, sleet and hail,Rage into the night.Now it is up to you brother March. (Передает посох)March. Babble gaily, melting brook,Ripple, glistening pool;Ants awake and leave your nook, Goner’s the winter cruel.

Now it is up to you, brother April. (Передает посох)April. Birds, return and sing your song,Disperse the forest gloom.Bears and squirrels, come along, Tender snowdrops, bloom.Girl, you have only one hour. Take your basked and pick snowdrops.Слышны песни птиц. Набрав подснежников, падчерица подходит к месяцам.Stepdaughter. Thank you very much! April. We’ve decided to give you our ring. If you want to see us, you’ll have to throw our ring and say:Roll, roll the ringTo the steps of spring,To the summer porch,To the autumn cottage,With winter shine,To the New Year’s fire!Stepdaughter. Thank you! Good-bye!All month. Good-bye, girl!Девочка уходит.


Учитель благодарит учащихся за стихи и песни.

Teacher. Thank you very much for your stories, poems and songs, students.

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