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The more that you read,

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

The more places youll go. (Dr. Seuss)5. : My Bonny.



: .

: Reading is....

: .


: My Favourite Writer, My Favourite Book, My Favourite Character .

.. .

A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh.


: Read Books.

, , .


The book to read is not the one which thinks for you,but the one which makes you think. (James McCosh)

1. Good morning boys and girls. I am glad to see you at our lesson. The Pleasure of Reading is our general topic for this term. Today well speak about our reading habits, about the importance of reading and of course about English and American writers.

2. All people have different reading habits: some cant live without reading, others dont read at all except TV-programme. And what about you?How much time do you spend on reading?

What kind of reading do you prefer: do you like reading books? newspapers? magazines?

Do you read books only for your Russian Literature classes or do you do any extra reading?

How old were you when you began reading? Do you remember what book was the first that you read?

Do you collect books? How many books do you have at home?

What does reading do for you? Is it important part of your life? In what way can reading be useful to people? (ex 1 p.137).

3. Now you can say what is reading for you. Finish the phrase:Reading is.....4. Ive prepared some quotations of famous people about reading. But they are mixed. Please make up sentences and explain them, their ideas (a group work).

I / cannot /live / without/ reading / (Thomas Jefferson).

Words / are/ the voice/ of the/ heart / (Confucius).

Reading/ is/ to the mind/ what exercise / is/ to the body/ (Richard Steel).

A library/ is/ a hospital/ for the/ mind / (Anonymous).

Reading / is / a basic tool/ in the living/ of a good/ life/ (Mortimer J. Adler).

A book/ is/ a garden/ carried/ in the pocket/ (Chinese proverb).

5. At home you prepared covers for some famous English and American books. You can see them on the blackboard. Now youll read extracts from these books. Match them with the covers of the books (Ex.2 p.138-139).

6. One minute speaking. You have only one minute to tell you classmates about your favourite books, writers and characters. What can you recommend them for reading?

7. Today we have a very good opportunity to speak with an expert of A. Milnes biography. Not long ago we read about this famous writer and spoke about his books. I am sure Natasha knows a lot of his life and can give us many interesting details.

8. It seems to me that somebody is waiting for a word. I have one more surprise for you. The heroes of A. Milnes book Winnie- the -Pooh have come here. This is Rabbit and this is Winnie- the- Pooh. You are welcome.

Winnie-the-Pooh:() Is anybody at home? ( , )

Rabbit:No. Dont shout so loud. I can hear you quite well.

W. P.:Sorry. Isnt there anybody here?


W. P.There must be somebody there, because somebody said, Nobody. Hello, Rabbit, isnt that you?


W. P.Well, could you very kindly tell me where Rabbit is?

R.:He has gone to see his friend Pooh Bear who is a great friend of his.

W.P.: To his friend Pooh? But this is me.

R.:What sort of me?

W. P.: Pooh Bear.

R.:Are you sure?

W. P.:Quite sure.

R.: Oh, well, then come in.

( .)

R.:You were quite right. It is you. Glad to see you. I am just going to have dinner.

( .) Honey or condensed milk with bread?

W.:Both. But dont bother about the bread, please.

( ) Thank you. Now I have to go!

R.:Good-bye, Pooh! [ , 2, 1992.]

9. And at last a crossword and a quiz about the famous British and American writers.

1). An English writer who was born in Ireland in 1667. His novel The Gullivers Travel is known all over the world (JonathanSwift).

2). An English writer, the master of detective stories. She was called A Queen of Crime.

She wrote 78 crime novels. Her books have been translated into 103 languages. Her well-known characters were Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple (Agatha Christie).

3). A famous English childrens writer. His first book appeared in 1865. It was a fairy-tale about a small girl and her adventures in wonderful land (Lewis Caroll).

4). An English writer, he was born in India where his stories and poems were set. One of books was called The Jungle Bookwhere the main hero is Mawgli. (RudyardKipling)

5). He was the professor of Literature and English and became famous as the author of famous childrens books: Hobbit and The Lord of Rings (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien).

6). The famous English novelist. He lived and worked in Scotland. He wrote adventures books: Quentin Durward, Rob Roy, Ivanhoe and others. (WalterScott)

7). An American writer, the master of short detective stories. (Edgar AllanPoe).

8). A British writer. He was born in Scotland and created a famous fictional character the detective Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthor Connan Doyle).

9). This American writer is called the Father of American literature. All American literature comes from one of his books called Huckelberry Finn. (Mark Twain).

10). A modern English writer, she was born 1965, she wrote her first book at 5 or 6 years old, her first book about Harry Potter was published in 1997, at that time she won recognition (J. K.Rowling).

11). The famous English writer. He wrote humorous books. The best known and the most famous is The Three Men in a Boat to Say Nothing of a Dog. (Jerome K. Jerome). 1-11 , 12.

12). His name is famous all over the world (William Shakespeare).

10. At the end of our lesson well sing a song about books. (to the tune ofMy Bonny is Over the Ocean).

My books are just standing on bookshelves

That Im always happy to readMy favourites under my pillow.The English book is what I need.Chorus: Read books, read books,They were invented to read, to read.Read books, read books,English book is what I need.The book that was written in EnglishImproves your knowledge as well,It teaches your lexics and grammarAnd how the English words spell.

Chorus.11. Summing up. I want to finish our lesson with the words of Charles Kingsley Except a living man, there is nothing more wonderful than a book.

I hope you understand that without books our life will be empty and boring. Read good books, enjoy them and think.

Your marks for the lesson are:Your homework is to think about Top 10 childrens books.

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