«The Amur region - My native land Творческая работа Разделы:  Лингвистика (русский и иностранные языки). Краеведение Автор: Трат Ю., ученица 11кл. Руководитель: Синякина И.А., учитель ...»

The Amur region - My native land

Творческая работа

Разделы:  Лингвистика (русский и иностранные языки). Краеведение

Автор: Трат Ю., ученица 11кл.

Руководитель: Синякина И.А., учитель английского языка

Описание работы:

Региональные знания, которые получают учащиеся на уроках английского языка и вне урока, служат не только средством повышения образовательного уровня владения языком, но и способствуют формированию у детей любви и уважения к родной стране, краю, селу. Работа является размышлением на английском языке ученицы 11-го класса о судьбе родного края. Юлия собрала материал об экологических проблемах, о природе и истории своего края. Наиболее интересный материал нашел свое отражение в эссе. Увлекаясь изучением английского языка, она попробовала себя в роли переводчика. С помощью учителя перевела стихотворения об Амурском крае, которое включено в эссе.

My family live in the Amur region and we are glad that our fates are just like that and not another.

Oh, Amur, I am loving with you!

Remember, Amur, you are great.

Not in the field of battles past

But in the green fields full of wheat

And forest, gardens, free of dust

I love you deeply, dear land.

Your hills and rivers, sand on stand

Your songs and dancers, lakes and seas.Your beast and fish, birds in the trees

Your sunrise in a splendid sight

Which gives me always such delight!…The Amur country. When one hearts these words, in his or her mind’s eye appears the mighty Amur, the taiga forest thickets, enormous, virtually untapped natural resources, the Baikal-Amur Railroad, frontier people and adventures.

We, the people of the Amur country, are very proud of the history of the opening-up and development of these far-away lands. This history has heroic pages connected with Cossack trailblazers, the four expeditions down the Amur sponsored by Nikolay N. Muravyov-Amursky, governor general of eastern Siberia, bustling business activity on the part of Russian merchants who by the end of the 19th century had managed to turn the rugged Amur country into an industrially and agriculturally developed frontier with a fair share of gold-mining and shipping enterprises. At that very time there began a great influx of Russians, first of all, stout-hearted explorers with a keen sense of freedom and of free enterprise.

There is a unique land on the Amur. It lies on the banks of one of the greatest rivers of our planet where the cultures of Europe and Asia meet. Unlike many countries, nature has always been very generous to this bright sun of abundant waters, fertile fields, untouched forests, gold deposits, priceless jewels and other valuable recourses. I would like to say that the people of the region are very hard working and intelligent.

The Amur Region is named after the Amur River. This region has full rights as one of the administrative territories of the Russian Federation. The development of the region is important not only for Russia, but also for the Asian countries in the Pacific Region. Bordering this region, one can find our closest partner, China. In the past years, the relationship between China & Russia has developed.

This area is very interesting and is for any people to live. There is a beautiful nature and a lot of unknown places that people discover from time to time. The vine, Schissandra Chinese, is a typical representation of a Manchurian plant known for its medical properties. A collection of wild flowers, mushrooms, and berries has always brought profits to the local economy.

The animal world is even richer with 222 different kinds of birds and 64 different types of mammal. The Amur hunter finds sable, squirrel, muskrat, fox, elk, bore, deer, buffalo, bear. For the fisherman the water reserves offer 61 types of fish and give the gambling chance to go one with a pike, grey link and halibut.

Conservationists and fate protect the many beautiful places on the Amur. Here there are some national parks and reserves: Khingansky Zapovednik, Bolonsky Zapovednik, where rare types of flowers and animal are preserved. The main efforts for saving the environment are focused of saving the bird nests especially the crane’s.

My region is not very huge by its size, but has a great deal of people, buildings and machines. The climate is continental. The life here is different from the life in the western parts of Russia. The tempo is a bit calm and the people are more polite and friendly.

But as in Russia on the whole, the Amur region has serious problems. They are the ecological problems.

The first one is the energetic problem. People build more and more hydro stations on the far eastern rivers such as the Amur, the Zeya and the Bureya. In order to get more energy people cut down more forests and turn rich soils to water deserts. But people think about the ecological profit and about the environment.

15240-3810The second problem is the Amur tigers. Not long ago there were lots of these animals but nowadays they are rare. Every year a great number of hunters come to the far eastern taiga to kill these beautiful animals.

The third problem is building the bridge across the Amur to connect the two countries: China and Russia. The growing stream of automobiles would cause a lot of negative effects on the nature.

We don’t like to live with such problems. We hope that people will do their best to prevent them. We can’t live in any other place.

I am 17 years old and I have lived all my life in a settlement Talakan. Have you ever heard of this name? Have you ever seen it on the map? Have you been at least in the Far East? I suppose most of you will give a negative answer.

342901022985From ancient times Evens have been living in this region, they are descendant of the Tungus tribes of the Far East. The Evens have carried their national specifics, language and the unique cultural across the centuries. The word “Tala”, from the Evenki language, means “to lick dark alkaline soil”, and the suffix “kan” is a diminutive suffix.

It is a small settlement on the right bank of the river Bureya. It’s a quiet place surrounded by fields and woods. The countryside around the settlement is green, with fertile fields and rich vegetation. Through the settlement flows a wide, clear river. It’s lovely for swimming.

152402540The fishing is said to be excellent too. This place is for those people who are looking for peace and a lovely rural environment. I love my motherland. I have understood that one can love only what he knows well, therefore I try to learn a lot about the history of my native corner of a land.

15240-3175Our settlement was built near the Hydro Electric Power Station in 1976. This is the main sight of Talakan. The electric energy to be generated at the Bureya hydroelectric power station-2,320 MW- is badly needed in all the areas of the Russian Far East, that’s why its construction is undertaken jointly by would-be customers from all over the region.

Of course there were strong and weak points in the development of my settlement. The main event in the history of the village was the foundation of two schools, three kindergartens, the stadium and the oak park, because the oak is the symbol of my region and this plant we can see on the Amur coat of arms.

110490635 the Amur coat of arms.

The endless forest of my settlement is sometimes called the “green sea”. For many people this forest is a huge factory with which their lives are intimately interconnected. The territory is massive and has a large pine tree population that dots half of the territory. Also one can find light birch trees and oak forests. The flora and fauna in Talakan’s forests are comprised of many different varieties. We can see coniferous trees, fir-trees, spruce, larch, Mongolian oak, aspen, lime, poplar, willows and shrubbery.

The environmental conditions of my region are very unique. There are a lot of plants that are the inheritance of the ancient times. The animal world is rather different from the north species up to tigers and even pheasants. Everybody knows that a human is a product of nature. He or she must live in the harmony with the environment. But with the beginning of the labour activity the humanity became controverter the nature. As a result the air and water is polluted, many plants and animals are disappearing.

The problems of unhealthy ecology are very urgent. The constructing of the Baikal-Amur railroad has destroyed the ecological system of the Amur taiga. Some kinds of animals simply disappeared forever. The relief has changed greatly so the sand and kaolin grounds became very thin. The industrial wastes such as smoke and dirty water cause the pollution of the rivers and lakes. The scientists say that all the rivers in the Amur region are somehow or other polluted.

As for me I decided to become an ecological engineer in order to save the unique nature of my native region. My motto is, «Save the wonders of nature such as woods and forests, lakes and the blue of the sky».


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