«План-конспект внеклассного мероприятия Robert Burns – a great Scottish writer. Составила учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №8 г.Саратова Катаева Людмила Павловна ...»

План-конспект внеклассного мероприятия "Robert Burns – a great Scottish writer.

Составила учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №8 г.Саратова Катаева Людмила Павловна


Образовательные: развитие навыка говорения, стимулировать интерес к изучению культуры страны изучаемого язык, развитие межкультурной компетенции,

2 Воспитательная : расширять кругозор и повышать общую культуру учащихся, приобщать к иноязычной культуре.

3.Развивающая цель: развивать интеллектуальную, эмоциональную и мотивационную сферы личности учащихся..Совершенствовать навык выступления перед аудиторией и умение грамотно излагать свои мыслиОборудование: записи произведений шотландской рок группы: “Rhazard Dum”, “ Over old hills”, “ Klistone,репродукция с изображением памятника поэту, диапроектор, экран. мультимедиапроектор, ноутбук, портреты поэта, записи песен на его стихи, мультимедийная презентация.


1. Организационный этап

Teacher: Good afternoon, my dear friends! You are looking great! Delighted to see you. How are you? Well,let’s start!

.Teacher.To day we shall speak about R Burns the national poet of Scotland. I hope that all of you will take an active part in our work. We’ll speak about Robert Burns, his life, his beautiful poems and songs.

Teacher What do you imagine when you hear the word  “Scotland” ?

PUPILS The men in tartan kilts, sad and monotonous sounds of bagpipes, gloomy grey castles on rocks, tasteless porridge in the morning, heather moors, mysterious lochs with monsters,sweets and milk for brownies.

TEACHER.Scotland!  A beautiful country that inspired R. Burns to write so many wonderful poems about its countryside and its people… He felt a special bond with the Highlands, with its high mountains and wild lochs видео ролик о Шотландии и звуки волынки.Living in this beautiful country it was imposible not to be a poet. Robert was born in a poor family..    

Выходят 2 ученика

R B.Goodafternoon, my dear friends.I am glad to greet you here. Of course today is not the 25 th of January but it does not matter. So we are here to have a good time and I hope this will be so.

2. Now its my turn to speak. I am this alter ago. What am I here for? Sometimes it is difficult for a person to speak about himself. My task is to help him.

R.B.Would you like to know something about my bonnie land.about my Scotland,I wish you would visit it one day.I was born there, a picturesque place. (Слайд с видами Шотландии)

2. There were seven children in the family and Robert was the eldest. The family was very poor.

Раз овсянка. Два овсянка и овсянка в третий раз А на лишнюю овсянку где крупы мне взять для вас. Одиноким неженатым –не житье,а сущий рай, А женился,так ребятам трижды вдень овсянки дай. Век живет со мной забота,не могу ее прогнать Чуть запрешь за ней ворота,тут как тут она опять Раз овсянка. Два овсянка и овсянка в третий раз А на лишнюю овсянку где крупы мне взять для вас

2.His father, William Burns was an extremely poor man. He was a Head Gardener at Doonholm when he met and married Agnes Brown and built a small cottage at the farm. But the farm was not succeeding.. But in the evenings the whole family gathered around the fire, listening to father’s reading or mother’s stories and songs about their bellowed Scotland or heroic deeds of legendary Scots.

Был честный фермер мой отец Он не имел достатка, Но от наследников своих Он требовал порядка. Учил достоинство хранить, Хоть нет гроша в карманах.Страшнее — чести изменить,Чем быть в отрепьях рваных! Надежды нет, просвета нет, А есть нужда, забота.Ну что ж, покуда ты живешь, Без устали работай. Косить, пахать и боронить Я научился с детства. И это всё, что мой отец Оставил мне в наследство

2. A hardworking small farmer with high ideals about human worth and conduct. He knew the value of a good education and he was determined to give his 7 children the best schooling possible. There was a small shelf with books in their house.

R.B. when I was six years old, my father sent me to school to Alloway, but my schooling was rather short. The teacher left and so father with his four neighbours invited a young schoolteacher Mr. John Murdoch to teach us. When Mr. Murdoch left, my father taught the children himself. Reading and writing, arithmetic, English grammar, history, literature, Latin and French — that was my education.2.In his childhood Robert listened to a lot of folk songs and folk tales from his mother.. His mother's friend Betty told Robert many fantastic tales about devils", brownies fairies.

Robert's mother knew many Scottish ballads and often sang them to her son in his childhood

My Bonie( поем все)

2. It was clear that he was a smart boy. He knew the Bible, Shakespeare, Pope, Swift, Steel, Edison. He went to school at the age of six. But actually he was a self educated man. Wherever he went, there always was a book of poems with him. William   Shakespeare was his favourite poet. He started writing since an early age. His first”, poem, was written when he was only 15.

Дети читают стихотворение на английском и русском языках

Coming thro the rye,poor body (Пробираясь до калитки)

2.Robert easily fall in love and had many love affairs

R.B. But my lifelong love was Jean Armour. We met when she was 17 at a dancing party,she was the beauty of the village,and it was the love of the first sight, my Jean had a nice voice and I compose my songs for her.

Звучит песня Моя любовь как роза и

O, Whistle An' I'll Come To Ye My Lad (Ты свистни - тебя не заставлю я ждать)2.They loved each other dearly and could be happy, but they weren’t. Jean’s father didn’t want her daughter to marry Robert, because he was poor.

R.B. There was nothing to do with him and I decided to emigrate to Jamaica.

But my friend helped me and my books were published. The success was great, books gave me money,I could buy a small farm and to build a house and marry my Jeanny,I went to see more of my beautiful Scotland. My heart’s in the Highlands is the result of this tour.(ролик о шотландии) и дети читают стихотворение :

My heart’s in the Highlands В горах мое сердце

Burns’ name became known in London and Edinburgh. With the help of his aristocratic friends he made his way to the upper circles. Aristocrats were surprised to see a farmer who moved among them with much dignity, spoke refined English and recited old and modern poetry. His poems amused the high society of Edinburgh, but their attitude to the poet was snobbish.

R.B.I sold my farm and bought a house in Dumfries The last 5 year were very difficult

No money, no health.

2.But he went on writing his beautiful songs and poems. Now he wanted people to understand that treasures and pleasures can’t make people happy.

R.B. Pride, honesty,dignity, courage, intellect. A man is a man, he must be treated as a man, and have the freedom of a man. I didn’t care for wealth and titles.

Звучит стихотворение Кто честной бедности своей                        

2.He died being 37 years old. Burns’ friends took care of his family. His sons got good education. His wife Jean died at the age of 80 and was always proud of her well educated sons. But the name of R.B. is still alive. For Scotsmen he is a symbol of national pride.

Teacher Now I want to invite you to a museum of Robert Burns (ролик о музее Р.Бернса)

Teacher. R.B. wrote many songs,poems. Sometimes it seems to me that his poems tell us about our daily problems, they are up-to-date, though they were written many years ago. Our Russian composers wrote song on his poems.( песня из к.ф Здравствуйте,я ваша тетя и из к.ф Служебный роман).Robert Burbs’song Auld acquaintance became the national anthem of Scotland. Поем все вместе.auld lang syne.

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