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7 I READING( ) Mary Ann was a little girl of eight years old. She was sitting at ...



Mary Ann was a little girl of eight years old. She was sitting at the desk working at her Maths problems. Her mother entered the room. Mary Ann, if you are a good girl, well go to Disneyland tomorrow, the mother said. Mary Ann couldnt believe her ears. She thought, I will go everywhere in the park. I will have a lot of fun. Ill eat a chocolate ice-cream!

Mary Ann, what are you doing? You are not working, arent you?,her mother said. I have already done my work and I want to go to Disnayland, said the girl. We are not going to Disneyland tomorrow, dear. Well go to Daisysland, not Disneyland. You know that your Aunt Daisy has a farm in the country! Mary Ann was very sad. I dont think we can go to the country. We are going to take you to the ear doctor instead!

A.True or False. (-)

1.Her aunt entered the room.

2.Her aunt Daisy had a farm in the country.

3.Mary Ann was working at her English problems.

4.Mary Ann wasnt sad when she heard that they wouldnt go to Disneyland.

5. Mary Ann didnt want to go to the country.

B.Choose the correct item according to the text. ()

1. Mary Ann was working at her.

a) Maths problems. b) Nature Study problem. c) Geography problem.

2. Aunt Daisy had.

a) a garden b)a farm c)a car

3. They want to take Mary Ann.

a) to the museum b)to Disneyland c)to Daisysland4. Instead her mother wanted to take her.

a) to the ear doctor b)to the zoo c)to the cinemaC.Read and put the events in the right order.( )

a) Her mother entered the room.

b) She was sitting at her desk working at her Maths problems.

c)We are going to take you to the ear doctor instead,her mother said.

d) Mary Ann couldnt believe her ears.

e) Mary Ann was very sad.

Grammar and Vocabulary.

II.Write the plural.( )

1.There are ten_______(flower) in the vase.

2.(Wolf) eat________(sheep).

3.My brother has got two_________(baby).

4.There are three _______(woman) in the caf.

5.How many_________(tooth) has the baby got?

6.Her_________(child) are funny.

7.These little___________(mouse) live in our house.


Complete the sentences () IfV2.,would V1.

1. If my parents(allow) me to get a Saturday job, I..(earn) some money for new computer games.

2. If the policeman.(know) the way, he(tell) me how to get to the shop.

3. If he(need) money, he..(ask) for a job.

4. If we.(try) our chance, we..(spend) the weekend in the country.

5. If Lisa(be) rich, she(send) her son to Eton.


Choose the correct form of the verb in thePassive Voice:

1. The Russian language by many millions of people.

is spoken b) are spoken c)will spoken2. Bread and butter.. by my father every day in our local shop.

a) is bought b) are bought c) was bought3. The film last year.

a) is shown b) will be shown c) was shown4. English in lots of Russian schools.

a) is taught b) are taught c) were taught5. This house . next year.

a) were bought b) will be bought c) was bought6. The vegetables . at the market every Sunday.

a) will be bought b) are bought c) was bought


Choose the correct pronoun. ()

1. His parents want to behave well at school.

Him b) he c) his

2. I want .. to pay attention to your grammar.

a) your b) you c)yours3. They expect to arrange a party.

a) I b) my c) me4. Our teacher expects . to think of our future.

a) ours b) us c) we5. Would you like to stay out of trouble?

a) they b) their c) them6.I want ..to phone me this evening.

a) you b)yours c) your7.My brother expects..to be back in two days.

a) his wife b) her wife c) our wife


TranslatethesentencesfromexercisesIIIandIVintoRussian( 3 4 .

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